Well, the female did return and the pair were together on and off as 2015 became 2016. The nest tray was repositioned on 8 February and within a week, both birds were seen inspecting it. On occasions, a third peregrine, thought to be one of the 2015 brood paid a visit, flying around the church, but was politely and firmly shown off the premises!

Between 1 and 8 April, four eggs were laid and between 11 and 13 May, all four hatched. On 31 May, the chicks were ringed and all found to be female.

Feeding. 27 June 2016

Slideshow of the peregrines in 2016

28 May 2019

One of the juveniles was found at Swinesford Bridge, Lincolnshire. It had a broken wing and was euthanised.