7 February

The camera is now active, with this view taken of the TV screen in the coffee shop. The Church is open daily (subject to Church business) until midday. The peregrines are both around, but have yet to visit the nest tray

2 March

The pair have visited the nest tray – there is a depression in the gravel. They were both visible for much of the day.

3 March

An opportune visit by Chris Marshall at 5pm resulted in this great photo from the TV screen.

14 March

The tiercel was seen scratching around in the nest tray.

16 March

The falcon was photographed this morning enlarging the depression in the nest tray. Earlier, both birds flew after a sparrowhawk that was passing.

19 March

This morning, the falcon was observed inspecting the nest tray and enlarging the depression. Click on the image below to watch the video.

23 March

The TV screen will not be switched on for visitors to view the peregrines activity, but any information on their progress will be posted here.

29 March

A quick check on the TV screen by Verger Dale Walker this afternoon revealed the falcon is now installed on the nest. She may have already laid, but with the weather being so cold, she wouldn't expose any eggs.

11 April

Dale was able to check the TV screen today, and saw the falcon brooding at least two, and possibly more eggs. The three birds were flying together briefly this morning, before the visitor flew off south.

10 May

Dale Walker has had access to the church just in time to see the birds feeding. We have 3 chicks and all look healthy. It's thought they are 2-3 days old, so the earliest so far.

29 May

The chicks were ringed this week by Alan Ball under strict health security conditions, and thought to to be two males and a female. His photos below. The rings are: PSL (female), PTL and PVL (males).


10 June

First photo of one of the juveniles, taken from the garden. On the south walkway.

11 June

All three juveniles now visible on the tower walkway this afternoon.

13 June

The peregrines have just attacked and killed a passing buzzard near the church this afternoon. The buzzard was quite high and minding its own business, but the peregrines were not taking any chances

18 June

First flight this morning by one of the males (PTL). Conveniently landed on our garden shelter! I eventually caught it 3 hours later and took it to the church, only to discover another juvenile (the female PSL) had come down in the Rectory grounds last night and that had just been returned to the tower. Much shrieking by the adults.

The photo below shows the state of the tower walkway.

10 July

A rare sight of all five peregrines this morning. A juvenile (PSL) brought in prey that it shared with PTL, while at the same time, the adult falcon brought in another catch that was plucked round the corner. Regular food-passes are now seen.

Click the image below to see a video of the feeding.

11 August

During a hot, sultry day, there was little activity, with juvenile (PTL) resting high on the spire and another juvenile on the north side of the tower in the shade. Around 15.00 PTL flew off, returning at 15.45 with prey – a wader. Around the same time I had a call saying that 'our' peregrines had been chasing prey over the saltmarsh at Rimac Nature Reserve. So, our juvenile made a 20-mile round trip, caught and returned with prey, in 45 minutes.

Click on the image below to see a video of the proceedings.

29 August

A rare sighting of both adults perched together on the east side of the tower. Quiet for much of the day now, with some calling by one, sometimes two juveniles early morning and late afternoon.

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