Thanks for visiting. This web site is updated regularly and information from the peregrines' first nesting season (2015) onwards has be detailed, along with photographs and video clips. There is also a FAQ page that will hopefully dispel some of the misconceptions about these magnfifcent birds of prey.

I want to make the peregrine booklet available for sale. It can be purchased in the bookshop within St.James Church, but for some reason, only when the birds are in residence – March to July, and then, only if there is a volunteer to staff the shop.

Proceeds from the sale are used to maintain the camera equipment on the tower walkway, for donations to the lovely lady who has twice rescued and cared for our injured peregrines, and the remainder (which is very little) to the Lincolnshire Bird Club.

Thank you.


Click the image above to view a video of the Juveniles being fed. June 2016